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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Big News: Jennifer Lopez' new album details

In February 2009 the first of several new recordings, "Hooked On You" was circulated on the internet which confirmed rumours that Lopez was back in the studio recording a brand new album. Later in March 2009 Lopez went on record to speak about the track in March via her official website confirming that she was indeed working on new songs.

In May 2009 another new recording titled "What Is Love" surfaced; it was written by Wynter Gordon. That day, Gordon mentioned the song on her official MySpace and later clarified what she wrote: "apparently a blogger took this as a dis towards J-Lo. It's not. I respect and admire J-Lo and I was honored for her to cut my song. The "lifetime TV special" comment was directed at the leak. The song was not properly serviced. It's not mixed, mastered, or finished but it's out for public consumption and opinion. That's why I'm angry".

In June 2009, Lopez confirmed that she was working on a full length studio album and not a greatest hits collection as previously thought. "I worked on music while I was pregnant and while I was at home, but now to really get into it and focus on it and to finish the project is exciting," she said in an MTV interview. Lopez said she was working on a few singles and trying to finish the album, so it could be out later this year and that it would feature a very "focused concept", but she wasn't willing to reveal exactly what that concept is just yet. Lopez also said that she chose a title for the album, however, she didn't reveal what that title was. She also confirmed that "One Love" and "What Is Love" are indeed new songs which will appear on the album but she doesn't know if they will be the first singles. She ended the interview by saying that she "loves making great pop/dance music with beautiful lyrics" which again is what can be seen on the new album. The album is scheduled for a early January 2010 release.

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